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Demons and Divas - Lisa Holden & Jeannet Klement

Lokatie Laurier presents Demons and Divas photoworks and ceramics Jeannet Klement and Lisa Holden

8th to 29th September 2018

In her photoworks, Lisa Holden creates ‘parallel realities’ exploring themes of personal identity, displacement, and the reimagination of the self. Her digital photoworks merge photography and painting, and are inspired by ancient myth, Victorian painting, Gothic fantasy and contemporary culture.

Jeannet Klement’s ceramic work draws on her own life combined with impressions and observations of people she sees on the street, news items, and memorable scenes from novels and films. Several of the pieces in the exhibition are loosely inspired by “Mythos”, Stephen Fry’s retelling of the Greek myths.

Lokatie Laurier Laurierstraat 62, 1016 PN Amsterdam telephone: 0649911369 Opening: Saturday 8th September 16.00 – 19.00 open: Friday 12.00 -17.00 and by appointment

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